Desaru Coast Riverside Activity

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What are the Best Desaru Coast Riverside Activity

Are you going to Desaru Coast? It mean you are very close to their activity.  The family vacation concept will bring new experience for you. And the best part is no ticket to enter their area. 

Best 6 Activities at Desaru Coast Riverside

Come and visit Desaru Coast Riverside and enjoy a mix of culture, games and great food. Stay on for traditional and contemporary activities and end your nights with our outdoor movie screenings at the Amphitheater. Other some activity such as ;

  • Giant Bubble
  • Coloring Activities
  • Kite Flying Activities
  • Street Busker
  • Culture Dance Showcase
  • Movie Screening

How to go to Desaru Coast Riverside

if you plan to visit the beach desaru, we suggest you take a 1 day package. This is because it is located in the south of the state of Johor.

singapore to desaru coast johor

Travel from Singapore to Desaru Coast Johor

Your trip takes almost 2 hours to reach the Desaru Coast. The journey will be cross border between Singapore and Malaysia. But at immigration, you just stay at our fleet car. Let we do all the documentation.

  • Singapore to Desaru Coast Johor From SGD$240

     > Toyota Innova maximum 6 pax
     > Toyota Alpard/ Hyundei Starex maximum 7 pax

    Pick up point
    We can take you around the Singapore area, hotel, business park, Apartment, Changi Airport. Our driver ready to point to point transfer at any time.

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